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Polish sweets
Polish Mead/Honey Wine
Polish Mead/Honey Wine

The name of honey as a potable liquor appeared already in the middle of the 5th century in sources about the Upon-the- Danube Slavs.

In the 9th century the mead dominated in the Slav territory every other liquors. As the Christianity was accepted by Mieszko I, the wine became a product imported to Poland, but the biographer of St Otton wrote about the Pomeranian Lechitas that: “ they didn’t care about wine, because they treated beer and mead as excellent liquors”. The mead- imported from Lithuania appeared also on the tables of the family Jagiellonowie.

The mead until today resists the invasion of various alcohols. It’s still a noble tasty liquor that favourably affects our fig and thanks to that it’s appreciated  by a number of connoisseurs. Now, we might successfully serve the Mead during convivial meetings or experience a huge pleasure, while we relish it in solitude.

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